Hello world…

It’s been over 11 months now, and alot of things have changed for me. When thinking back to when I last posted here I feel like it has been 3 years or so.

I moved into my first own small appartement, I got the cat I wanted for so long, and I found someone that makes me feel loved and safe, and that can live with all my little tweaks. I finished vocational school and graduated as a tax advisor’s assistant, got a job and was able to build up my own little life. Much with the help of my family but yet I managed to do so. I am very grateful for my family who sticks with me no matter what, for my boyfriend who managed to spend the time with me at my home and made me feel home (and who cooked with me in a half-finished kitchen), and who also allowed me to spend some amazing days for holidays in Berlin and Prague, which I never could have afforded by myself. Also I am so happy to have the little fluffy companion named Alice. She was given to me due to some issues with another cat in the former household, and I am happy to be her can opener. ♥ Thank you all so much, your support means alot to me. I feel that ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough to show you how grateful I am, yet I think nothing else in this world is able to express my feelings better. So: Thank you. Very much. For everything. ♥

Meet Alice ♥