Life doesn’t always go the way you planned it. We’ve all heard this before but right now I understand it better than ever before.

Starting off with the job, which I enjoy pretty much, being a one-way. Moving on to the limited job possibilities in the region I have settled. Then finishing off with people I thought were friends and turned out to be rather selfish.

Let me explain all this a bit more in detail.
I love my job. Let me say that first and make it clear. I really enjoy what I do and that I kind of provides me is a very good bonus. Thing is I am 26 years old and don’t want to stay where I am now. I decided for this particular job because it makes me keep up with all the new stuff, it makes me keep learning and developing. The negative aspect now is, that I am lately kept from developing any further. I am denied any courses and trainings. Only a fine selection of co-workers is allowed to, and to my mind that’s not okay. I am supposed to work with the same quality as them and yet I am not able to because I simply lack the knowledge and it’s made harder for me to be up to date. Adding to this the payment isn’t what I expected it to be. As you read before I had to sell my car and now do all the stuff by bike or feet. It’s good for my health for sure but it can be pretty tough. For examle to always ask someone for help when Alice has to be taken to the vet, when I want to buy my stack of drinks, when I need to see a doctor,… I could go on here. When laying out my problem to be solved, I was made an unacceptable offer I simply couldn’t afford and that I didn’t expect in that way. I was very disappointed to say the least. Now closest thing to do is to go and search for another job right? Said and done. The realisation kicked in quite hard when I noticed that the payment for beginners is nearly the minimun wage set for Germany. So at the moment I am trying to realign and find something who provides enough so I can pay my bills and which is fun as well.

For the last aspect, I want to keep it short. People asking for honesty don’t always mean it. When being honest I was ignored halfway and treated like a traitor. Seriously? If you want me to be honest then expect me to be.

That said, I wish you all a nice sunday and will see you soon.